ProofMe Platform Launches, Changing the Game for Online Creative Collaboration

As digital content creation continues rapid growth, ProofMe offers flexible, scalable solution for managing creative projects from start to finish

Iowa City, IA – April 5, 2016. Responding to the unique challenges facing creatives – from freelancers and small marketing teams to ad agencies and corporations – ProofMe, an intuitive, versatile online tool for digital content collaboration, officially launched today. Developed by MetaCommunications Inc. (Meta), a leader in productivity, workflow and content collaboration software, ProofMe dramatically reduces the friction typically involved in sharing, revising and finalizing print, graphic, video and interactive content, speeding up review times and keeping the focus where it counts – the creative process.

The digital world is overflowing with content, and the rate of this content production shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute reported that businesses will produce 76 percent more content in 2016 than they did in 2015. While existing platforms enable content creators to manage and share projects, few address the critical review and iteration stages in a dynamic way. ProofMe fills this void by focusing on the entire collaborative lifecycle from ideation to final product, offering an intuitive interface and visual annotation for users, and integrating seamlessly with the most popular creative and communication tools, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Vimeo and Slack.

“Every creative knows that the space between the initial idea and the final product is what defines quality and impact. The painstaking process of iterative brainstorming, critique and refinement is what separates the average from the brilliant,” said Aleksey Gurtovoy, CTO at MetaCommunications and ProofMe Co-founder. “While tools for creating and publishing digital work have been largely democratized, those that facilitate that journey between the first draft and the final work are still largely locked away behind an enterprise paywall. ProofMe, however, offers solopreneurs and businesses of all sizes professional tools to review and collaborate for free, with the option to scale as they grow.”

Since beta testing began in Q4 of 2015, ProofMe has accumulated over 10,000 users spanning corporations, creative and marketing agencies, design schools, photographers, videographers and graphic designers. ProofMe offers a host of features that improve the overall functionality, experience and performance of the collaborative design process:

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